Samsung Launches KMC-W, Windows Version of Award-Winning Samsung Kiosk, Globally

Samsung Electronics has announced the global launch of the KMC-W, a Windows version of the Samsung Kiosk, which received the prestigious ISE Best of Show award from AV Technology at Integrated Systems Europe 2023. The updated Kiosk features a 24-inch interactive display that brings advanced self-service display technology with expanded software compatibility to industries such as food and beverage, retail, travel, and healthcare.

With the increasing demand for contactless technology in various industries, including bill payments, drive-thrus, self-ordering, smart cafés, and unmanned fitting rooms, the Samsung Kiosk addresses the need for convenience. Touchscreen sanitation has become a top priority, leading to the application of antibacterial coatings and films on screens. Samsung’s Kiosk displays are equipped with shatterproof film and UL-certified Antimicrobial Coating, providing screen protection and customer safety.

The KMC-W is built on the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system, expanding the Samsung Kiosk’s compatibility to meet the requirements of various business environments. Powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core Processor, it offers high-performance computing power and full compatibility with major ordering, point-of-sale, and property management system software. The display provides multiple CPU options, including Intel Celeron 6305E, Core i3, or Core i5 processors, along with 8GB DRAM memory and a 256GB SSD for ample storage capacity.

Analisa Roberts, General Manager, Global Device Partners at Microsoft, commended the launch of the KMC-W, highlighting its use of the 11th Gen Intel Core Processor and the powerful Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS. Roberts mentioned the ultra-fast processing and ample storage space that the Kiosk offers, meeting the evolving industry demands.

The KMC-W supports a wide range of use cases across industries with its extensive integration capabilities, making it suitable for hotels, airports, convenience stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. Businesses can customize the Kiosk for various scenarios, such as ID/passport scanners, external cameras, payment terminals, and vending machines.

Featuring a compact design and flexible installation options, the KMC-W can be affixed to a countertop, wall mount, or a stand, seamlessly blending into any business environment. This flexibility saves time, cost, and space without the need for additional construction.

Samsung has already made significant strides in optimizing the customer journey with the Tizen version of the Samsung Kiosk. The introduction of the Windows version allows businesses and retailers to enjoy the advantages of the Kiosk display regardless of the operating system used.

Notable examples include KFC in the Philippines, which has implemented Samsung Kiosks on Windows OS in 63 locations, offering customers a personalized and convenient in-store digital experience. French company LAPEYRE, with 126 locations in France, has partnered with Samsung to digitize services and attract new customers by deploying Samsung Kiosks throughout its stores. Duck Donuts Powered by GRUBBRR, a made-to-order restaurant company in the U.S., has improved its purchase experience and operational efficiency with personalized ordering and easy-to-read menus using Samsung Kiosks based on the Tizen OS.

The KMC-W Samsung Kiosk model is available for purchase in more than 35 countries across Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East.

It should be noted that the antibacterial coating on the screen provides limited protection against bacteria and does not protect against viruses, including Covid-19. The coating’s effectiveness may vary depending on usage conditions.