Samsung Updates Retail Display Technology Including New Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Edition

Samsung Electronics America will showcase its technology at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show, offering retailers and system integrators a glimpse into the ways these solutions can reinvigorate brick-and-mortar experiences for customers and employees alike.

Leveraging Samsung visual display technology, retailers such as Duck Donuts, The Honest Worm and Beach People Studios now have a gateway solution to deliver complete immersive and sensory experiences through sight, sound and smell. NRF attendees can observe first-hand how this technology, which is powered by HARMAN, a Samsung company, MagicINFO software and Blueforce Development, a leader in edge-based IoT sensor fusion, cueing and autonomous orchestration, can trigger their senses – whether it’s a digital ad showcased or the sound of coffee pouring.

In addition to featuring Video Wall Displays and Indoor and Outdoor LED Signage onsite at its NRF booth, Samsung will unveil its NEW Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition joining our lineup of Samsung Kiosk solutionsThe innovative and secure self-service display solution known for its ready-to-use capabilities and simple deployment combines a touch display with a speaker, printer, scanner and payment solution all in a sleek new design. The technology will now also be available in Celeron i3, i5 and i7, as well as Windows Operating Systems (OS), providing retailers greater flexibility and shoppers more convenient and alluring in-store experiences.

“Consumer expectations are ever-evolving, which is prompting retailers of all sizes to dramatically transform the way they meet these growing demands,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of U.S. Sales, Displays, Samsung. “Delivering quality products is no longer enough – retailers must now entice and delight customers in ways that create meaningful connections and experiences. Through our strategic partnerships and the updates made to our display technology integrated with our MagicINFO™ software management system, Samsung is empowered to help retailers achieve this goal by embracing technology that captivates consumers through every point of contact, ensuring retailers’ viability in an increasingly competitive market.”

Retailers are actively using and embracing Samsung Display solutions to provide greater insights at every stage of a customer journey. At NRF, attendees will also have the opportunity to see first-hand Samsung’s key brands, partners and customers on-site including:


Samsung has a vast ecosystem of industry leading Companies, Technology and Partners to bring one customized program to any retailer that will support a total solution offering designed to reduce risk, speed to market, advance support (Hardware & Digital Assets), reduce tech obsolescence and consulting focused on data driven results that will benefit, in store customer experience, marketing, store teams, operations and site selection and performance.     Experience how businesses can create their own unique experience for their customers.

Samsung Display Division reinvents shopping experiences through state-of-the-art technologies

Samsung’s Display Division elevates the power of displays to enhance any business with a full line up of Indoor and Outdoor LCD and LED displays. This includes award-winning technology and solutions, including The Wall, Kiosk, Interactive Display and EV Charging, as well as the proprietary solution, MagicINFO. Samsung’s cloud-based software and management system, MagicINFO, brings content to life, enabling retailers to create and deploy captivating content, gain powerful insights and flexibility to manage and secure hardware and software.

HARMAN & Martin Lighting demonstrates audio and visual effects for a unique customer experience

An innovator in creating smart experiences to make life easier, productive and entertaining, HARMAN, a Samsung company, designs and engineers audio products and solutions for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, enterprise automat​ion solutions and connected services. Samsung will utilize HARMAN’s unique audio capabilities at NRF to simulate the sounds of pouring coffee and clucking chickens as attendees walk through the booth. Martin Lighting by HARMAN will further amplify the sensory experience of NRF attendees through dynamic lighting and visual effects featured onsite.

Samsung Ads combines CTV and DOOH to foster ad connections between brands and consumers

Samsung Ads, Samsung Electronics’ advertising ecosystem, powers the DOOH advertising solution that will be featured on display at NRF. These dynamic displays demonstrate how this technology can reach customers at every moment of their buying journey, unlocking new targeted and measurable solutions for retailers.

Samsung’s Mobile Technology delivers the Connected Associate experience

Samsung is working with retailers to transform the employee experience by empowering retail associates with mobile devices that help them be more productive and better serve customers. Samsung will showcase its latest rugged mobile devices for employers and their staff—including the new Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone and Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet—at NRF. These devices are highly durable, versatile and customizable, enabling retailers to leverage a single device for multiple needs—including barcode scanning, mobile point of sale (mPOS), payment processing, employee communications and more.


Constantly evolving to find unique ways to better interact with consumers, Samsung partners with innovators to help retailers advance.

Blueforce Development triggers content in store

Blueforce Development, a software that enables rapid, secure and intelligent connectivity between people, sensors and systems, delivering insights that increase situational awareness, reducing cognitive loads for retailers, driving operation efficiency and ultimately accelerating decision making through a single dashboard. Joining forces with Samsung at NRF, Blueforce dashboards will display live data and trigger content and music onsite.

FastSensor delivers insights in real time to impact purchase behavior

An AI-powered, hardware-enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecosystem that measures and analyzes complete, connected journeys to reveal ROI-boosting optimizations, FastSensor assesses foot traffic interactions in physical spaces, including retail environments. NRF attendees will see how to generate meaningful customer connections and leverage other solutions such as Samsung’s MagicINFO as well as displays to impact the buyer journey and achieve greater ROI.

Glass-Media integrates Samsung Displays for cordless curbside ordering

Refreshing digital signage one display at a time, Glass-Media pushes the status quo in traditional retail marketing environments. Partnering with Glass-Media, Samsung will showcase an outdoor, dual-side, battery-powered display that features individual systems enabling retailers to deploy different content on each side of the display and overcome critical issues in different environments. As more retailers deploy curbside digital programs, Samsung and Glass-Media’s new OH24 display will demonstrate how display solutions can conduct customer transactions without adding data and power outside.

GRUBBRR improves order accuracy and personalization with an end-to-end solution in partnership with Samsung

Powered by GRUBBRR, the Samsung Kiosk enables brands like Duck Donuts to create operational efficiencies, drive revenue and develop deep connections with their customers. With personalized ordering and simple menu displays, customers interact with  mouthwatering images of donut options that can be purchased in various ways, while offering alternatives for food and beverage that increase the wallet of the business and ultimately, the satisfaction of the customer.

Meridian Smart Locker solution enhances asset protection for in-store pick up with Samsung Kiosk

Meridian, an end-to-end provider and technology integrator, makes self-service retail transactions more seamless and secure through its integration of Samsung Kiosk. Samsung’s display technology enables Meridian to enhance its solution offerings for many service-oriented retailers—spanning from fashion to food and beverage brands—as customers can use a QR code when completing a contactless transaction. In addition, retailers now have the ability to track pre-order transactions in real-time, ultimately strengthening their asset management capabilities.

Matterport 3D digital twins enhance store design and Samsung’s NRF booth

A leading spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world, Matterport’s partnership with Samsung allows retailers to capture immersive, 3D scans of in-store layouts, streamline documentation and create as-built drawings and collaborate through digital displays. Retailers attending NRF will see the digital twin of Samsung’s booth, which can serve as an educational tool for enhancing store design & development, visual merchandising,in-store training and e-commerce.

PopPay and XPR provides seamless face-verification for QSR restaurants with Samsung Kiosk

PopID, a biometric fintech company, and XPR, a global kiosk software platform, are revamping convenience in quick-service restaurant experiences with their integration of face verification capabilities in the Samsung new Windows Kiosk. At NRF, live demonstrations will showcase how consumers can complete their meal orders faster as they will see a list of personalized recommendations when checking in, reducing time spent manually sifting through the digital menu. The face ID verification feature allows retailers to upsell new items based on customer ordering history, increase loyalty engagement and simultaneously decrease payment processing fees as well as reduce fraud.

Sprinklr platform delivers real time customer generated social media content

Through its partnership with Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, Samsung is able to create a more personalized positive experience for customers, including Petco. Retail customers now have complete access to the Sprinklr platform on Samsung SMART Signage and Hospitality Displays.

NRF attendees will have the opportunity to see how the Sprinklr platform delivers real-time, back-end content and data from over 30 social and digital channels directly through Samsung’s display products, enabling retailers to make more informed decisions on how best to enhance the customer journey.

“Delivering real-time, customizable data and content from digital channels to consumers will help retailers revolutionize the shopping experience,” said Doug Balut, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Sprinklr. “Pairing Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform with the industry-leading digital signage and displays from Samsung, companies can enhance the seamless experience of customers, differentiate their stores and brand and drive business results.”


Retailers are adapting their approach to build engaging experiences, employing Samsung’s display solutions to delight customers’ senses.

Duck Donuts elevates the purchase experience for 30 stores across the US with Samsung Kiosk

A rising star in the food and beverage industry, Duck Donuts is sweetening the deal for its customers with the deployment of Samsung Kiosks in up to 30 of its locally owned and operated franchise shops across the United States. The Samsung Kiosk, powered by GRUBBRR, will give customers the ability to submit orders automatically, helping to streamline back-end operations while also providing a more seamless purchasing experience. At NRF, attendees can use the Kiosk in Samsung’s booth to submit their donut order, which will trigger the smell of Duck Donuts and the sound of coffee.

“Adding self-ordering kiosks to our shops, through our partnership with Samsung and GRUBBRR, has allowed us to better the guest experience by decreasing wait times, enhancing convenience and improving order accuracies,” said Tom Perella, Duck Donuts director of technology. “In addition to the guest experience, self-ordering kiosks carry many benefits for our franchise partners, such as streamlining labor and increasing check average.”

“Adding self-ordering kiosks to our shops, through our partnership with Samsung and GRUBBRR, has allowed us to better the guest experience by decreasing wait times, enhancing convenience and improving order accuracies,” said Tom Perella, Duck Donuts director of technology. “In addition to the guest experience, self-ordering kiosks carry many benefits for our franchise partners, such as streamlining labor and increasing check average.”

“The inspiration for this company was conceived out of a vision to bring my Beach People paintings to life. As an artist and designer, the visual and sensory components of my work are intentionally blended to draw our audience into the coastal living experience,” said Theresa Losa, Artist, Designer, Founder and Owner of Beach People Studio. “The impeccable quality of Samsung’s indoor displays provides a unique opportunity to develop that immersive connection we wish to evoke through the colors, textures and designs featured in the Beach People Studio collection. Incorporating Samsung’s newest technology in our store gives us a multi-dimensional way to tell our story and enhance our ability to transport customers to a summer state of mind.”

The Honest Worm adopts Samsung Displays to feed its flock with new digital shelves    

Serving only the best meals for chickens, wild birds and reptiles, The Honest Worm is taking its premium brand to greater heights with the launch of digital shelves, which are powered by Samsung’s Large Format Displays (LFD) and MagicINFO™. The company will also use PopPay and XPR to feature its product in style at Samsung’s booth, with chicken sounds as well as ads using Samsung Ads ecosystem and social displays powered by Sprinklr.