Links Week Starting 6th June 2022

by Bob Raikes

Every week we see some articles that don’t really need comment or are just plain interesting. Here are a few from the first part of this week. (I’m still catching up after Display Week!) …

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Epson Cinema LS12000 Has ‘True 4K’ Using Shifting

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Epson announced a new Pro Cinema LS12000 UltraHD 3LCD projector using dual axis shifters and a 1080p panel to create the full resolution. The Laser Phosphor engine is rated to help …

Tags:Epson| LCD Projectors (3LCD)| UltraHD

NBC to Bring HDR, UltraHD and Atmos to Beijing 2022 Olympics

by Bob Raikes

What They Say NBC will cover the Winter Olympics in UltraHD and with HDR for US viewers. NBC Sports will provide live coverage of the NBC broadcast network’s Olympics primetime and Prime Plus shows …

Tags:Dolby Atmos| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Olympics| Sports and Stadiums| UltraHD| USA

HP Adds Windows 11 Devices

by Bob Raikes

What They Say HP added some new PCs that are optimised for Windows 11. There is a 34″ All-in-One desktop PC in the HP Envy line with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a ‘5K’ …

Tags:Curved Displays| Desktop Monitors| HP Inc| UltraHD| Windows

Sky Q to offer live sport in HDR

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The UK’s dominant pay TV firm, Sky, has said that it will supply over 200 hours of Olympic coverage in UltraHD and with HDR on its dedicated 4K channel. It will …

Tags:Broadcast| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Satellite| UK (United Kingdom)| UltraHD

New Panasonic 4k 1-chip Projectors Aimed at Schools and Museums

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say Panasonic has pre-announced three new 1 chip DLP projectors that will be available in October and will have 8,000 (PT-RDQ80), 9,000 (PT-RDQ90) and 10,000 (PT-RDQ10) from 0.66″ (16.8mm) diagonal 2716 x …

Tags:DLP Projectors| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Projectors| UltraHD

Links Week Ending 11th June 2021

by Bob Raikes

Every week we see some articles that don’t really need comment or are just plain interesting. Here are a few from the second part of this week. OTI Lumionics’ CEO updates on the company’s …

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GfU Updates UltraHD Guide

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The GfU said that more than 17 million UltraHD sets had been sold into German households between 2015 and 2020 and they now account for 75% of all sets sold. To …

Tags:Germany| HDR - High Dynamic Range| TVs (TV Sets)| UltraHD

So, I Bought an Ultra HD Blu-ray Player…

by Pete Putman

The day started out as a trip to a local furniture store to replace a couch our cats had largely destroyed by using it as a scratching post, along with two reclining lounge chairs. …

Tags:Blu-ray Players| HDR - High Dynamic Range| UltraHD

UltraHD Blu-ray Player Sales Decline Despite Pandemic Sheltering

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Despite the ‘cocooning’ that has meant more interest in home entertainment technology, UltraHD Blu-ray players continue to decline in volume sales in North America. along with other optical video formats. The …

Tags:Blu-ray| DVD| North America| UltraHD

A Perfect Planet Looks Fantastic

by Bob Raikes

What They Say If you have access (you might need a VPN with a UK location), the BBC series ‘A Perfect Planet’ is available in UltraHD with HD on the BBC iPlayer. What We …

Tags:HDR - High Dynamic Range| UltraHD| Video Quality