LG Edging OLED Panel Pricing Up

The OLED-A reports that LG Display has been increasing its pricing for its panels as it has wide acceptance of the quality and performance of the technology, but is still not making money from OLED, despite achieving yields of 90% for 55″ and 65″ panels. The Association quotes data from IHS Markit that reports that the ASP rose from $695.50 to $712.50 during Q2. A 55″ panel rose from $527.60 average in Q1 to $535 in Q2.

Analyst Comment

Now that 16 brands are using the technology and with a 90% yield and a monopoly on supply, you’d hope that making OLEDs could be profitable! It just shows how competitive the TV panel market is and the fierce level of competition from TVs. The OLED-A also published this interesting table of TV production volumes. (BR)

TV Production