JVC Extends to DCI-4K

JVC had a couple of new broadcast monitors although we had some language challenges in getting details. The new monitors are the DT-G27, a 27″ unit and DT-U31. The DT-U31 is an UltraHD alternative to the DT-U31Pro which has DCI-4K resolution. The DT-U31 has 300 cd/m² of output and supports 10 bit colour with 3,000:1 contrast) so is based on VA technology). The Pro version has 350 cd/m² of output and 1,500:1 contrast so is based on an IPS LCD (and probably from Panasonic). It has 99.4% of P3 and 83.8% of Rec 2020. We reported on the UltraHD version in our NAB report (JVC Adds HDR Monitors).

The DT-U series has 3DLUT facilities and auto calibration. A de-log LUT facility means that content can be viewed including J-Log1, Arri Log-C, S-log2, S-log3, Canon C-log, Panasonic V-log and RedLogFilm. These LUTs can convert to Rec. 709. A low latency mode is integrated for checking lip-sync. The DT-U27HB is a 27″ UltraHD member of the family and supports 750 cd/m².

The DT-G27 has a FullHD panel but can accept UltraHD signals through the HDMI input which are then scaled down.