More Details About Korean Shopping Centre’s Absen LED Centrepiece

Featuring content created by Moment Factory, a curved LED tower was installed by Absen’s Korean retail marketing Asone at the Starfield shopping centre in Goyang, South Korea earlier this year. Now, the company has released more technical information about the installation and the technology used.

The tower’s 60° curved sides were customised by Absen’s engineers, who tailor-made specific LED edges. Absen H3 500mm x 500mm LED panels were deconstructed into four pieces, each measuring 62.5mm x 500mm, so they could be reconfigured into the correct curvature.

“Absen H3 has proved to be the perfect choice for high-pressure retail and DooH environments. All maintenance can be executed from the rear of the panel cabinet, cutting downtime in the event of servicing”, the company said.

The curved element didn’t require any special support structure inside, as Absen created bespoke curved LED elements. As a result, the LED tower acts as a whole, connected and self-supporting entity.

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With a 3.9mm pixel pitch and 140° horizontal viewing angle, a total of 360 Absen H3 LED panels were integrated to form the tower, with a total resolution of 2560 × 3840 pixels. Content is managed and driven by NovaStar video servers and MCTR660 controllers.

Absen added, “Lightweight and thin, the H3 takes up to 80% less space than comparable products, while offering vivid colours and an excellent contrast ratio. Virtually noise-free in its design (23.2dB), the H3 also helps to optimise energy consumption. Producing little heat, it requires no fan, which further improves quietness of operation”.