IntoPix Tico Enables AV over IP

IntoPix is the developer of the Tico ‘light’ codec. Previously, the company told us that it had been looking at working with VESA on the next generation of the DisplayStream codec. (However, it has changed emphasis now and is looking at standardisation through SMPTE, which may be complete by August.)

The company also has JPEG2000 compression technology and it can be used in combination with Tico. The combination allows better use of SMPTE 2022 for the distribution of video over IP and the firm told us that it has seen support from Green Valley and others including Tektronix. The combination can support very high quality JPEG2000 at 400Mbps and 4K60 at less than 1 Gigabit.

The codec is also “Ultra Low Latency” or ULL and the codec can compress and decompress in around 10ms so there is less than a single frame of video – which has prompted adoption by ESPN.

IntoPix has been developing tiny and efficient adaptors to convert between JPEG 2000 over 3G SDI and ethernet.

Intopix jpeg2000