Internet Video Archive Aims to Shake Up Content Discovery

Internet Video Archive is creating a content discovery solution that is intended to solve the problem of supplying metadata, images and trailers/clips with pricing from $250 per month and “never higher than $12,000 per month”.

Developers can access:

  • 1.55+ million detailed metadata records for movies, TV series and TV episodes
  • 1.65+ million images related to movies and TV content including poster art, production photos and backdrops
  • 160,000 movie and TV trailers, clips, featurettes, interviews, etc. including language and country specific versions
  • 1 million+ celebrity data records including birth dates, social media links, images
  • Movie and TV ratings
  • Movie showtimes and movie theatre information
  • Theatrical movie ticketing
  • Content availability on OTT platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and others
  • Content recommendations

IVA assists online publishers, retailers, MVPD/OTT operators, digital newspapers/magazines, theatre owners and consumer electronic companies in building the next generation of content discovery interfaces.