Access NetFront Browser Chosen by JVCKenwood

Access has announced a partnership with JVCKenwood.

JVCKenwood has selected Access’ NetFront Browser NX for its new in-car infotainment device, currently being shipped to unnamed British and Japanese luxury car-makers for their 2017 lines.

The device provides passengers with high-quality audio and internet access with support for HTML5, CSS3, WebP, WebSocket, and HTTP Cache, as well as navigation of the car’s on-board systems. NetFront is Webkit-based and can render at high speeds, while utilising low levels of memory.

The NetFront Browser NX is currently used on 1.5 million devices, including game consoles, TVs, set-top-boxes, smartphones, tablets and multi-function printers, as well as in-vehicle infotainment.