Intel’s Project Alloy Ready to Go Further

The Road to VR blog has identified some of the changes coming in the next generation of the Intel Project Alloy headset after discussions with headset developers. One of the key developments is an improvement in the tracking ability, currently based on the RealSense technology, but due to change to support the Movidius (Intel to Acquire Computer Vision Company Movidius) technology. The blog also reports that Intel is trying to widen the field of view. Of course, the company is also planning to upgrade the CPU to the latest G7 Kaby Lake processors which should add power, but reduce power consumption.

Analyst Comment

Microdisplay specialist, Karl Guttag, wrote a very good Display Daily more than a year ago that clarified the really difficult challenges faced in creating a good headset. Now, I’m fond of the saying ‘don’t bet against the engineers’, but the challenges that he identified are not likely to be easily or quickly solved. (VR and AR Head Mounted Displays – Sorry, but there is no Santa Claus) (BR)