Infocomm Successful in Las Vegas

The Infocomm show was considered a success with a level of 38,833 visitors going to Las Vegas. The show saw over half a million sq ft (just short of 50,000 m²) of exhibitor space and exhibitors seemed happy with the quality of visitors.

The highlight of the show was, undoubtedly, the new Sony microLED display. Although it is bound to be expensive, it sets a new benchmark in very large display performance and highlights the potential for microLED in this application. Other highlights from our point of view were the Barco flexible LED system and the number of high quality projectors. Touch displays are getting better and better (and in larger sizes) and are getting good enough for business collaboration, which should help enable this market. Chris covered the Sony display in a recent Display Daily (Sony’s Canvas Display – Best of Show at InfoComm 2016?)

LG was promoting OLED strongly – the company’s business cards now carry an ‘OLED’ logo. However, the OLED that we saw on the NEC booth was showing image sticking on just the second day, from a bright logo. That highlights the challenges that LG will have with this technology in digital signage.

Infocomm 2016

At SID and at Infocomm, there were several innovations in ePaper and we were intrigued by the Quirk Logic digital flip chart based on E Ink technology. (Quirk Logic Shows Largest Ever E Ink Display)

Of course, there were a lot of Chinese LED makers at the show – we heard that there were 80 and we didn’t get to all of them, but picked out the largest and most international brands for our report. The market is not getting less competitive! CCDL is particularly interesting for its claim to have solved the problems of 3D discomfort. (DS20 Li Solves the Problem with 3D). We thought the company’s LED display with polarising filters looked good and worked well.

From a news point of view, Infocomm is now much less significant than ISE, but still has plent to see. We split our report between projection and direct view displays, as we had specialists in these fields doing the reports.

Next year, Infocomm will be from 10th to 16th June in Orlando, Florida.

We hope you enjoy our report and look forward to your feedback to [email protected]