Epson Looks to Two Markets at CE Week

Four new 3LCD projectors were shown by Epson during New York CE Week this year: two for home cinema (Powerlite 5040UB and 5040UBe) and two for professional cinema (Powerlite 6040UB and 4040). We have contacted Epson to get full specifications for all four projectors.

Beginning with the home cinema units, both support UltraHD input resolution and HDR. They are functionally identical, the only difference being that the UBe unit is a WirelessHD model. Epson has installed its 4k Image Enhancement technology in these products.

Brightness reaches 2,500 lumens (colour and white light output). The projectors have powered lens position memory and support wide lens shift: up to +/-96.3% vertical and +/-47.1% horizontal.

Four HDMI ports are featured, each using the HDMI 2.0 specification; one supports MHL 4. HDMI-out and RJ45 connections are also integrated.

Epson will begin to sell the 5040UBe ($3,300) and 5040UB ($3,000) in August.

The Pro Cinema models are identical, in terms of resolution, brightness (2,300 lumens on the 4040), powered lenses and HDR support. They can display images using sRGB or DCI-P3 colour gamuts. In addition, the 6040UB meets the ISF Certification standard. The projector features independent image calibration tools and lockable memory modes. Red and green pixels can also be turned off, enabling adjustments to be made without filters.

Like the home cinema models, Epson will begin to sell the Pro Cinema 6040UB ($4,000) and 4040 ($2,700) in August, but only through authorised Cedia dealers.

Analyst Comment

These projectors use pixel shifting to offer higher resolution than the native FullHD panels. (BR)