Yestech Shows CoB Technology

Yestech had new shapes in its range including a triangle that was being used to show how shapes such as a Christmas tree could be created for seasonal use. The company also had curved shapes and the company told us that the units are available in all three pitches that it supports for rental.

Yestech shapes 2

Yestech shapes

Yestech had a 2.8mm design for indoor rental applications and there is also an outdoor version at 4.8mm or 5.9mm using Black LEDs at 4,500 cd/m² or it can be supplied with standard LEDs and brightness of around 6,000 cd/m².

At the back of the booth, Yestech was showing its latest CoB LED technology which was being shown at 1.2mm but will be available at up to 2.5mm. The company told us that the technology is designed to minimise moiré and so should be ideal for broadcast.

Yestech CoBStaff was subjecting the Yestech CoB to some impact to demonstrate the reliability! Image:Meko