Gefen Shows Wireless 4K Transmission at Infocomm

Gefen showed a UHD/4k wireless transmission over two 2k transmitters at Infocomm 2015. The transmission stitched two FHD/2k streams together to achieve a UHD signal transmission in the 60 GHz band with a range of 33′ (10m). The signal was used to run a racing game on a UHD TV in uncompressed (4:2:0) 30 fps format. The following image shows the set up.

Gefen wireless 4K

The image was very good and one would not have guessed that this was a wireless connection.

The company also showed a wireless matrix for HDMI accommodating up to 8 senders and 4 receivers in one matrix. The system works in the 5GHz band allowing a range of up to 100′ (30m). This solution works with compressed FHD video, of course. There are also two wireless HDMI extenders available, both using the 5GHz band. One provides a range of up to 33′ (10m) , while the other reaches up to 100′ (30m).

Gefen showed its IP streaming solution using 1 GB networks from Juniper, Cisco, and Netgear. The solution is available for HDMI, DVI and VGA connections. – NH