Eyevis Hits the Buffers – Files for Bankruptcy

As a result of high interest costs, and the pre-financing needs of projects, Eyevis Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik GmbH and Eyevis Holding GmbH in Germany have have filed for bankruptcy, although under the supervision of an administrator, Leichtle, the company will continue its business as it looks for investors or companies that might acquire the business. The company still plans to be at ISE in February.

Leichtle is quoted as saying:

“The reactions to this M & A process have so far been very positive. In my opinion, the chances are good that we will find a suitable solution here within the framework of the procedure. The goal is to reorganise the company and thus maintain the highest possible number of jobs.”

The firm currently has 120 employees and said that its subsidiaries in the group, Teracue, Eyevis France and Eyevis Spain are not directly affected by this development.