UK Loves iPlayer – Social Media TV to Grow

UK TV Licensing has published a report, Telescope 2017, on UK TV viewing and said that just 8% of UK adults have watched live TV on a social media platform, but predicts that this will rise to 27% by 2027. 35% said that they expect to watch TV shows integrated with Virtual Reality in the near future. 91% of viewers watched live TV at least once per week in 2016.

TeleScope 2017 also reveals the average adult weekly TV diet. Around 91 per cent of the population watched TV at least once a week in 2016. The average person spent 3 hours 32 minutes a day watching broadcast TV last year and 80 per cent of everything we view is live, remaining the most popular way to watch TV.

Recorded viewing represents 12 per cent of viewing time, which is more than the time we spend watching on-demand (8 per cent). The hours spent consuming on demand content has doubled over the past four years.

UK TV AppsThe BBC’s iPlayer continues to dominate UK OTT content