ETRI Work on Graphene Progresses

ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) in Korea said that it has developed transparent electrodes for OLEDs using graphene. in cooperation with Hanwha Techwin. The substrate size was 370 x 470, although the image provided suggested that there were 12 displays on the substrate. The group has been working on this for some time (ETRI Uses Graphene to Raise Transparent Viewing Angles) but previous announcements have been much smaller.

The work was presented at a Graphene Conference in Barcelona last month, and is planning to work on plastic-based and foldable displays in the future, although it could take as long as five years.

Analyst Comment

ETRI pointed out in the Korea Herald that if graphene could be used in production, it would keep Korea ahead of China in developing flexible OLEDs. (BR)

ETRI used graphene for its OLED electrodes. Image:ETRI