ETRI Uses Graphene to Raise Transparent Viewing Angles

Transparent OLEDs, like this 2010 Samsung prototype, suffer from poor viewing anglesBy integrating graphene into OLEDs, Korean scientists have managed to improve the transparency and image quality of display panels by between 40% and 60%, says Business Korea.

Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has developed a way for transparent electrodes to conduct electricity. The thin metal electrodes used as ‘transparent’ devices on OLED boards have been replaced with transparent graphene types.

Until this point, metal electrodes in OLEDs have mostly been made of silver. However, these impart a limited viewing angle to the display, due to their internal light reflection; external light reflection also affects the image quality. Graphene electrodes, however, have little internal or external reflection.

Lee Jeong-ik, head of the Soft I/O Interface Research Section at ETRI, said that the technology would be especially suited to transparent and WOLED displays.