Eizo Prepares for New Colour Space

Two of Eizo‘s UltraHD monitors – the CG318-4K and CG248-4K (Wide Colour and High Resolution on Eizo’s ColorEdgeEizo Reaches New Pixel Density Record) – have had Imagica’s 3D look-up table data integrated.

With the new look-up table, the monitors can be used to display and edit images using the Rec.2020 colour space. Rec.2020 can be used to display colours that are not possible using Rec.709 (aka sRGB).

A Gamma Warning present is integrated into Eizo’s monitors. When selected, areas of a Rec.2020 image that cannot be shown using Rec.709 are converted to shades of grey. An additional mode (Rec.709 Clipping) can be used to view Rec.2020 image with the Rec.709 colour space – this simulates how the content would look to a ‘normal’ audience using an HDTV.

Analyst Comment

Rec.2020 has been named as the most likely colour space to be used with UltraHD content in the future, when the industry starts moving to UltraHD Phase 2 (which also includes high dynamic range and frame rates). However. there are few displays today capable of displaying Rec.2020 – LCD displays with quantum dots can come close (91%, or 97% with additional optimisation, according to Jeff Yurek of Nanosys – see Expanded Color Gamuts and Video Encoding), but lasers are necessary to go any higher. Lasers bring their own problems with metamerism. (Are More or Smarter Primaries the Solution to Metameric Failure in Laser Projectors?) (TA)

Our own Chris Chinnock was at NAB show and shows how this works in a video here