Wide Colour and High Resolution on Eizo’s ColorEdge

We heard about a new high-resolution ColorEdge monitor from Eizo at Midwich’s Technology Exposed this year (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 38). Now more details have been released, alongside a name: the CG318-4K.

Eizo’s newest monitor is a 31.1″ unit with DCI-4k resolution, designed for media and entertainment use. It can be used for both editing and reference work. One calibration software programme, ColorNavigator 6, is pre-installed. It is used to add additional functionality, such as manual adjustment of settings. Another programme, ColorNavigator NX (CNX), can be installed for free; it can be used to set target values for brightness, gamma and white point, as well as to generate an ICC profile.

To centralise colour management, the CG318-4K can be used on a network with the ColorNavigator Network (CNN) programme. CNN is a secure, cloud-based web hosting solution for monitors with CNX.

Eizo calibrates its ColorEdge monitors in the factory. To maintain uniformity, Eizo has built in its digital uniformity equaliser, which is said to ensure a Delta E of <3.

The CG318-4K shows 10-bit colour, features a 3D lookup table and covers 98% of the DCI-P3 gamut, as well as 99% of Adobe RGB and 100% of sRGB. A self-calibration sensor is housed in the top bezel. Colour stabilises within three minutes of the display being turned on. Additionally, Eizo supplies the monitor with a shading hood and five-year warranty.

As well as being flicker-free, the CG318-4K has 149mm height adjustment; -5 deg to 35 deg tilt; and 344 deg swivel. It features DisplayPort (x2), HDMI (x2) and USB 3.0 (x3) connectors. Viewing angles are 178 deg , with a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, 9ms response time (grey-to-grey) and 60Hz refresh rate (via DisplayPort; 30Hz via HDMI). Brightness is 350 cd/m², although 120 cd/m² is recommended for calibration.

Eizo will begin shipping the CG318-4K in April next year; pricing has not yet been announced.