Vol 21 - Issue 46


Intel Wins Drone Display Record

by Bob Raikes

Intel has been working for a while to show how its chips can be used to create airborne displays based on drones that are flying to become individual pixels based on RGB LEDs. Now …

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Belarus Makes Progress to Digital

by Raverstead

Analogue services continue to be switched off in Belarus. Analogue transmissions were turned off in the agglomerations of Liozno in the Vitebsk region and Krichev in the Mogilyov region from 1st November. Further shut-downs …

Tags:ASO (Analogue Switch Off)| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Cyberland Claims 2016 for Oculus

by Raverstead

According to Cyberland, the Oculus Rift VR headset will (finally) be launched in February 2016. The claim follows Oculus VR founder and CEO Brendan Iribe hinting that the device would be released in 2015 …

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New Initiative to Tackle CE Waste

by Raverstead

Fifty companies in the UK have signed-up to a new initiative which aims to deliver more effective recycling and increase re-use. Signatories to the Electrical and Electronic Sustainability Action Plan (esap) include retailers and …

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Video Everywhere Requires New Technology

by Raverstead

There was a further panel discussion on the future of video everywhere and the measures needed to improve the delivery on every screen. The title of the session was “Technology Improving Video Delivery on …

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CNNgo App Powered by Elemental’s Delta Platform

by Raverstead

You may have noticed that some networks are offering their own apps to access content on their network. Some worry about this trend as it can create a sea of individual apps that are …

Tags:CCW 2014 (Content & Communications World)| Elemental Technologies| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OTT Video| Vol 21 - Issue 46

LED Screens Vie for Position at Brandenburg

by Raverstead

Earlier this month Germany celebrated 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, with six massive LED screens, on rails, moving around Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Each screen was 11m x 4.8m, with a …

Tags:Back Panel| Germany| Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 46

SWIT Electronics Shows Monitors, RF Connectivity

by Raverstead

I had a chance to visit with SWIT Electronics USA (San Jose, CA), the US Subsidiary of SWIT Electronics Co. Ltd. (Nanjing, China). SWIT originated in 1996 and produced what it says was the …

Tags:Broadcast Monitors| CCW 2014 (Content & Communications World)| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Best Buy Licenses Sharp Brand

by Raverstead

Best Buy and Sharp have signed a licensing agreement (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 43) which allows the US chain to use Sharp’s brand on three recently released HDTVs. The new line comprises 32″, …

Tags:Best Buy| Large Display Monitor| sharp| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Everdisplay Targets 1 Million Panels Monthly

by Raverstead

China’s Everdisplay has told OLED-Info that it has a monthly capacity of 600,000 5″ OLED panels at its G4.5 fab. Full capacity (15,000 substrates) has not yet been reached. The company expects to increase …

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Ofcom Assigns Mobile to 700MHz

by Raverstead

After much to-ing and fro-ing regarding the use of the 700MHz spectrum, UK regulator Ofcom has said that it will make the band available for mobile broadband services. Ofcom plans to achieve its aim …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Spectrum Allocation| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Holst Can Make Washable LED Clothing

by Raverstead

Paul Breddels spoke for the Holst Centre in Eindhoven which is a research centre working on the integration of electronics in and on flexible foils. Applications are in lighting, display, solar, medical and automotive …

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