Inkjet Encapsulation Developed for Flexible OLEDs

Kateeva is the developer of the Yieldjet roll-to-roll inkjet OLED deposition system (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 45). The company has now announced a new flexible OLED thin film encapsulation system, based on the same process. ‘Yieldjet Flex’ will be shipped to the first customer, in Asia, this month (OLED-Info guesses that it is Samsung Display, which has invested in Kateeva in the past).

Conor Madigan, president and co-founder of Kateeva, spoke to OLED-Info about the new system ( He emphasised the uniformity and cost-effectiveness achieved with inkjet printing, as well as the precision of the new system. We should see flexible OLED panels, with inkjet-printed encapsulation, next year. Displays will take a little longer, but mass-production lines could be installed by 2016, with displays on the market by 2017.