Diagnostic Applications for Displays Drive Eizo’s Growth

Eizo’s interim financial presentation is projecting the company achives about 89 billion yen ($594 million) in sales this year. A big chunk of that, $232 million, is coming from the sales of displays into the healthcare industry for diagnostic and endoscopic applications, with 8.8% growth predicted YoY.

Source: Eizo

The biggest growth segment of the market for the company is displays that go into control rooms, air traffic and maritime, as well as security and surveillance and military applications. Eizo calls it the vertical and specific (V&S) segment, and it is projected to rise by 11.2% to $61 million. Eizo’s monitors for color grading, photography, and design applications are expected to rise by 7.4% to $45 million, and general IT sales are set to increase by 5.9% to $124 million.

European and North American market still seem sluggish, but Japan, Eizo’s domestic market, has exceeded expectations and the Chinese market has shown some resilience. The whole report is an interesting read, you can find it on Eizo’s website, because of the attention to detail that the company shows in quantifying its social capital and its adherence to equity.