DVB Needs to be More Open

The DTG in the UK published a short summary of the recent DVB World 2018 event and said that it was clear that DVB needs to get beyond its traditional standards in the physical layer of content delivery. It was suggested that more open source and community participation might help with this. It was also suggested that the DVB needs to look at the media delivery concepts in 3GPP as part of LTE and 5G. The proposer was the influential Professor Ulrich Reimers from the Technical University Braunschweig.

The conference came to the conclusion that there is a lot of confusion among consumers over the logos applied for UHD and there was a look at future developments including HFR and both AR and VR.

DVB is developing a new standard DVB-I for Internet and there is also a plan to develop a standard for delivering targeted advertising (DVB-TA).

Stefan Heimbecher of Sky Germany and a member of the board of the German TV Platform said that the UHD Plugfest done by DTG was an essential part of developing the UHD technology.

The next DVB World will take place in Dublin in 2019.