Vestel’s First DVB-I Smart TV on Trial in Italy

Vestel now has its first smart TV that is compatible with the DVB-I standard. The Italian experiment, where Vestel is running a market trial with Mediaset, will include Canale5, Italia1, Retequattro, and 20 – will be broadcast in 1080p full HD quality on channels 505, 506, 504, and 520, respectively. Vestel’s offering support to broadcasts from any channel interested in testing the European standard with its product.

Source: Vestel

While DVB has traditionally been associated with broadcast television standards (like DVB-T for terrestrial broadcasts), DVB-I is designed specifically for internet-delivered linear television services. Despite the rise of on-demand streaming services, linear television remains popular. DVB-I aims to deliver this kind of programming over the internet. Trials help manufacturers, broadcasters, and other stakeholders assess how well the technology performs in real-world scenarios. This includes evaluating factors like stream stability, loading times, and overall user experience.

Vestel’s newly produced smart TVs will come with this feature, and existing Telefunken-branded smart TVs from Vestel, sold in the years 2022 and 2023, will receive a software update by September’s end so that they too can be included in the market trial. For customers concerned about the transition, users who prefer their conventional TV experience can continue without opting in.