Domeprojection Uses Analysis for Blend Masks

Domeprojection (which is part of the same group as Project:syntropy) was showing an innovative system for making blending optical masks.

Blending can be peformed on projectors using the digital controls in the projector to fade each unit to dark where they overlap. This can work well with bright images, but in simulation it is usually a requirement to emulate the low luminance of night time. That can mean an extremely low level of brigthness being needed and it can be hard, then, to find enough digital control to smoothly blend the images. For this reason, optical systems are often preferred as they don’t depend on the digital drive system. They are typically standardised for a particular projector type and lens configuration (see our article on GBVI GBVI Gets Good References).

Domeprojection’s main business is the automatic blending and warping of images based on calibration data captured by cameras and the company had a demonstration using micro projectors. However, what caught our eye was a new blending technology. The company told us that it has developed a system to create customised masks for specific installations. Clients can send the firm its calibration data, captured using cameras, and the company will then create individual masks for that installation. The mask uses a special stochastic pattern that minimises visual artefacts.

domeprojection optical blend maskDomeprojection can create custom optical blend masks. The frame was a temporary one, just for the show! Image:Meko