DMT Has New Interface and UltraHD STB Upgrade

Hyung Lim DMTThe final speaker was Hyung Lim from DMT in Korea, although the firm also has offices in the US.

DMT has developed a new box, 4SeTV which allows the merging and playback of four different streams of video so that users can, for example, watch four different sports programmes at the same time on a companion device. The companion device can also throw the video to a main screen by technology including Chromecast. The firm has an attractive looking iOS app to control this. The box is built around a Vixs XCode 5191 with special firmware and has four tuners.

The firm has also developed the Deseo, a box to add UltraHD to existing set-top boxes. The Deseo, which supports UltraHD at 60P and with HDR, sits between the standard STB and a TV and connects via HDMI. One of the advantages of the system, compared to other solutions that depend on SmartTV apps, is that the same remote can be used for the STB and the Deseo, and can use the existing UI, making the use of a separate product transparent once the box has been connected. Deseo scales lower resolution content.

DMT will be demonstrating the Deseo from June. It hopes that operators may see the technology to upgrade those that want UltraHD rather than having to upgrade their existing installed base of STBs until a lot later.

DMT Deseo