IoT Makes Demands on STBs

Laurent JabiolHyperpanel is a software company from France and is working on SAT>IP and Laurent Jabiol introduced the company. The firm was founded in 1986 and was the creator of MediaHighway. It was the first company to develop MHEG, HbbTV, Cas-2-DRM and SAT>IP software. It has 35 million DTV licences worldwide.

Hyperpanel has a new operating system that it has developed for IOT applications in STBs.

For a long time, TV was one antenna, one box, one TV set and one programme. By 2017, in the average home, there will be 3 to 10 Connected TV devices, but there will maybe be 10 times more IoT objects. So the question is, what does it take to manage the smart home and IoT?

  • A scalable and agile hub
  • The box needs to work if the internet fails – so it can’t be a router
  • It must have video and that is where SAT>IP comes in.

Hyperpanel has developed “best of breed” DVB-TS management. You also need a NAS type Fat32 disk system to enable the “whole home PVR”. There needs to be a fast TCP-IP stack with quick channel selection within 1 second to match to good DVB performance.

Added for smart home is simultaneous real-time handling of any alarm – a single bit of information could be critical, so the system has to understand what is most important. The system also has to be multi-user and multitasking with zero latency.

For a new box, you have to give a good experience. First you need to support a simple low cost 4 channel SAT>IP experience and including built-in Wi-Fi with QoS for video. Zapping needs to be very fast and wake up times need to be very quick.

The Home Gateway Initiative issued a white paper last July. It says you have to have DVB for good TV and adds functions such as start-over, follow me and whole home PVR. Finally you have to deliver CAS and other features that operators need. The gateway can be used with Quatro LNBs, but also works with Single LNBs.


MHG supports whole home PVR (private cloud), smart metering and apps.

Other features include support for

  • Enocean stick this IoT device uses the energy from one click to create a pulse – there is no error checking, so if the STB misses the bit, important data may be lost.
  • Raspberry Pi-based multiprotocol cluster to make a TV dashboard.
  • An easy mix of home webcams and video.
  • Pushed alarms must be visible while watching live TV because Europeans spend up to four hours per day watching their TVs.
  • Lights can be controlled, door entry video and operation.

In questions, Jabiol said that the owner of the gateway is in the strongest position to control the IoT in the home. He also said that DTH satellite is really important and in a strong position as downloads such as system upgrades can be pushed to devices to ensure everything is kept up to date. It is hard to offer secure services where the upgrade depends on a download by the user.