Dicolor Can Dial In Accurate Angles

Dicolor of China told us that it is trying to focus on rental displays and is continuing to look for new partners in Europe. It has indoor cabinets in pitches from 2.6mm to 8.9mm and outdoor models from 3.9mm to 8.9mm.

Dicolor had a completely new product at ProLight and Sound and which it didn’t show at ISE. The new cabinet has a special feature that uses a simple rotating dial to allow very accurate set-up at angles of ±15º in 5º steps (see the image).

Dicolor angle dialDicolor’s angle dial allows concave or convex displays to be assembled quickly. Image:Meko

The cabinet can be supplied with indoor (3.9mm/4.8mm) or outdoor (4.5mm/5.7mm) LEDs. Brightness is 1,000 cd/m² or 1,200 cd/m² for the indoor version and ≈5,000 cd/m² for the outdoor version. The system has a 560 x 1000 cabinet (16:9) and that makes assembly quicker. The cabinets can be front or rear serviced. The cabinets are in mass production.

Dicolor cabinetThe Dicolor cabinet is large. Image:Meko

Dicolor cabinet lockDicolor’s cabinet lock. Image:Meko

An unusual display is a moving LED system based on tiles which have the PSU in the motor that controls the motion and are based on carbon fibre to reduce weight, which is just 3Kg per tile. Power goes to the tiles through the suspension cables. The pitch is 3.9mm and brightness is 1,000 cd/m². The company supplies software for programming which image appears on which tile. The company told us that the system has gone into mass production already.

Dicolor moving LEDsDicolor had moving LED tiles at the show. Image:Meko