Dai Nippon Printing and DNP America to Showcase Advanced Display Technologies at Display Week 2023

At Display Week 2023, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) and its group company DNP America are set to showcase their latest products, highlighting technologies across three zones on their booth:

  • Nanometer (nm) Zone: Showcasing high-hardness low reflection (LR) film developed for displays and a master mold for diffractive optical element (DOE).
  • Micrometer (μm) Zone: Demonstrating a novel technology for processing fine structures on various sizes of films and substrates. Also displaying a microfabrication technique specifically for metals, and the development of liquid crystal-diffractive optical element (LC-DOE) via a roll-to-roll method.
  • Sub-millimeter (Sub-mm) Zone: Featuring a backlight system designed to achieve high brightness and a wide viewing angle for displays. Also introducing an automotive film that adjusts viewing angles, reducing reflection of display light on front windshields during night driving and improving visibility for drivers.
Source: DNP
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