Innolux at Display Week 2023: Outdoor and Automotive Solutions

Addressing the ongoing trends of digitalization and sustainability, Innolux is unveiling 5 products at Display Week 2023 for outdoor, transportation, and mobility markets.

  1. A 28-inch flexible ACeP (advanced color ePaper) Module: This is a world-first flexible, color ePaper module that consumes low power and is lightweight. It is intended for a wide range of outdoor applications such as advertising columns, drive-thrus, outdoor charging stations, and information display systems for logistics, amusement, and entertainment sectors.
  2. Outdoor EV Compound Charging Station: These are the world’s first charging stations utilizing ePaper applications, providing access to a greater number of services, ads, and marketing content.
  3. A 23.8-inch WTSR Display: This is a high-brightness display with patented backlight modules and a wide-temperature high-penetration TFT-LCD that can deliver sharp images in bright outdoor conditions.
  4. Integrated Automotive LID: Developed by Innolux’s subsidiary CarUX, this is the world’s first single-piece large curved display designed for the front seat of vehicles, providing maximized information display and ease of maneuverability.
  5. Cinema Display for rear seat: Another offering from CarUX, this high-resolution display is entering mass production and is aimed at providing a theater-like visual experience for rear seat passengers in vehicles.
CarUX rear-seat cinema display. (Source: Innolux)