Corning and JDI Partner on Innovative Transparent Display Technology

Corning and Japan Display, Inc. (JDI) are working together on the development of a new transparent display technology. This technology allows images to be viewed from both the front and back, maintaining a high level of clarity and brightness. The cooperation between Corning and JDI began in 2017 and has been focused on developing new businesses. The transparent display technology is considered an essential project in these joint efforts. The applications for this technology can span across various sectors including retail and communication, especially in areas requiring real-time translation. Corning will be showcasing this prototype along with other display innovations at Display Week 2023.

Source: JDI

The joint development is an improved version of JDI’s Rælclear transparent display, employing two sheets of Corning Eagle XG Glass, which is known as an industry standard for liquid crystal displays. Combined with JDI’s unique backplane technology, the glass substrate has great dimensional stability and surface quality. The product achieves an industry-leading transmittance rate of 84%, enabling brighter and more uniform displays while retaining the glass’s transparency.