CSOT Concentrates on LCD & OLED TV


An executive from TCL, the parent of CSOT from China was one of the keynote speakers (TCL Growing with CSOT Supply). CSOT had a booth at the show and the first product we looked at was a 110″ UltraHD Curved LCD. This was described as a technology demo, but mass production could start in Q3 2015. Power consumption was an amazing ‘less than’ 1800W. Colour gamut was 92% of NTSC and frame rate was 60Hz. The bending radius was 5500mm.

We then went to look at a WCG UltraHD TV that is claimed to have a gamut of 118% by the use of thicker colour filters combined with “edge type” quantum dots. Again 10 bit colour is supported and contrast is 4,000:1. The product will go into production in December 2015. The firm told us that it has an HDR version “under development”.

A curved “slim” TV at 55″ was also shown. This has a regular 72% of NTSC gamut, but is just 5.5mm thick. That makes the curving easier and the company is achieving a radius of 4,000mm. The design is ‘borderless’ and the set is intended for systems with separate controllers/electronics. The reflections from the sample were quite strong but this is because the sample had a plastic face plate, it could be glass with anti-reflection in production. The set used an edge backlight and a special light guide plate.

Slim was also featured in a 32″ HD-Ready (1366 x 768) panel that is just 4mm thick – claimed as the world’s thinnest LCD TV display. Gamut is just 62% of NTSC and refresh just 60Hz, so clearly the panel is aimed at entry level TVs. We noted that there was a lot of light leakage from the bottom of the panel, although we heard that the panel is ready for mass production.


The firm had a 30.5″ bottom emission OLED panel with FullHD made with a ‘side by side’ Final Metal Mask technique on an IGZO substrate that is said to achieve 10-20 cm²/VS mobility. There have been challenges in getting good uniformity and we heard that there is an exercise to try to find a better compensation technology. The efficiency of the system is in the table below.

31″ CSOT OLED Efficiency
Blue Green Red
Efficiency 6cd/A 65cd/A 16cd/A
Driving Voltage 1000cd/m
CIE (0.145,0.119) (0.313,0.633) (0.66,0.33)