Coolux Media Systems Comes to InfoComm as Christie

Coolux, the Germany-based video interaction tool provider came to Infocomm 2015 for the first time after the acquisition by Christie was completed.

The makers of Pandora’s box showed their software and hardware solutions for the acquisition and interaction with live video streams in real time. They can work on 4k/UHD video and larger if necessary, all a question of hardware of course. Their multi client architecture allows one client with 4k/UHD at 60 fps. One of the highlights is the ability to show slow motion by creating interframes, a popular function in live video and sports.

While the system is a real time system (all manipulation can be done on live video streams), it creates a two frame delay.

The main application markets are in system integration where they provide unique tools for system integrators. Their system is being used in TV, Broadway, large companies, museums and simulation as well as in the military. – NH