Canon Releases New 1200cd Monitor for Dolby Vision Mastering


Canon was highlighting their new DP-V2420 and DP-V1710 24” and 17” HDR mastering monitors at the SMPTE conference. We have reported on them before (New Canon Projector and Broadcast Monitors Support HDR), but Canon now says the peak luminance on the 24” is 1200 cd/m² compared to 1000 cd/m² as reported previously. Full field white luminance is 600 cd/m², quite a bit higher than the Sony X300 which can only produce about 300 cd/m² with full white using OLED technology.

This 4K monitor is now certified for mastering of Dolby Vision content and there is support for HLG as well. Contrast is reported as over 100K:1 from this IPS panel (minimum luminance of 0.005 cd/m²). Canon does not publish the color gamut, but it does use RGB LEDs and we were told they are targeting to achieve 100% of P3. They had better get busy as the V2420 monitor will ship in November for $29.5K and the 4K resolution VP1710 will be ready in February for $12K. This features a peak luminance of 300 cd/m², PQ/HLG support and the same P3 color gamut target. -CC