BBC Looks to WCG & HFR for UHD Success

The BBC’s Andy Quested has said that he believes that Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) and High Frame Rates (HFR) will be critical in making a success of UltraHD at the SES UltraHD conference. He also clarified that all content in HDR commissioned by the BBC would use HLG, but that co-productions will be in both HLG and PQ HDR. Content from other sources are likely to be in PQ, but all BBC distribution will use HLG. The key reason is to ensure that all existing viewers could still receive content. 3D audio is also seen as a key part of the solution.

Natural history is likely to be the first content in UHD, followed by drama.

Quested doesn’t believe that UHD will drive out HD or SD, but will co-exist for some time, with no service dominating.