Barco Surprises with L/P Brightness

Barco was in the main square of the show in a roadshow truck with its new laser phosphor projector, the UDX-4K32 which is a laser-phosphor-based three 0.9″ DLP projector that produces an output of 31,000 center lumes with 3840 x 2400 using wobbulation. The phosphor wheel is inorganic and the output gamut is Rec. 709. Contrast is 2,000:1 and the unit has lens shift of -100% to +130% vertically and ±40% horizontally, with memory. The projector is 660 x 880 x 3509, with weight of 92kg. There is a range of different lens solutions and the projector is able to use existing TLD+ lenses to make the most of lens inventories. The control system is in line with other Barco products to enable quick set up with minimal training and it has the NFC function to allow operators to get data easily.

Barco UDX 4K32 projectorThe Barco UDX 4K32 projector produces very bright images using laser phosphor. Image:MekoThe unit has a Constant Light Output (CLO) function that allows the device to be set up initially at a lower brightness than maximum, but this is then maintained over the life of the product, which is 20,000 hours. At the show, the projector was shown ‘naked’, but will normally be shipped in a rental ‘cage’. It can run from a single phase 32 amp feed.

Analyst Comment

We were impressed with the quality of the output from the Barco and we were surprised at the level of output that can be achieved using laser/phosphor. A projection specialist that we bumped into at the event was also very impressed. We also heard at the show that Epson may be able to produce a ‘native’ UltraHD projector using 3LCD much sooner than TI will be able to do with DLP. (BR)

Barco control panelBarco’s control panel is consistent with other products. Image:Meko