Barco Escape Format Gains Momentum

The Barco Escape format was introduced two years ago at CinemCon. It is a three–screen format where the side screens can show content related to what is being shown on the main central screen or the three screens can show one super-wide-aspect-ratio image to create an immersive feeling. A few trial content clips have been produced so far, but at CinemaCon 2016, new announcements were made for a lot more content.

The deals announced at CinemaCon are with two top production companies. Cross Creek Pictures, the production company behind thrillers “Black Swan,” “Everest,” “Rush,” and “Black Mass,” has committed to go into development on a film in Barco Escape by 2017. Cross Creek Pictures recently announced a three-year co-financing, production, and distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Shanghai-based Fundamental Films will produce two or more of their upcoming titles as part of their deal with Barco Escape. Fundamental is targeting “24 Hours to Live,” directed by Brian Smrz and produced with Basil Iwanyk’s Thunder Road (“John Wick,” “Sicario,” “Gods of Egypt”). “24 Hours” will release in summer 2017, with an additional, to-be-announced Fundamental title debuting in Barco Escape in late 2016. Barco Escape has installations in Shanghai and Beijing.

Barco Escape 2

The Fundamental Films and Cross Creek Pictures deals add to a fast-growing list of titles scheduled for release in Barco Escape this coming year. JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Paramount recently revealed this summer’s most anticipated film “Star Trek Beyond” will be re-mastered for the format for the blockbuster’s summer 2016 debut.

Director Scott Waugh (“Act of Valor,” “Need for Speed”) is currently directing the Josh Hartnett-led “6 Below,” the first feature shot entirely for Barco Escape.

Additionally, Barco has multi picture deals with 20th Century Fox and Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies for the format.

With current exhibitor partners in the United States, Europe, Mexico and China, Barco plans to expand to more than 100 Barco Escape theaters in 2016.

We plan to have a talk with Barco’s Cinevangelist and primary motivator behind Barco Escape, Ted Schilowitz, at NAB. – CC