Barco Announces New RGB Laser Projector Wins

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RGB laser projection cinema are increasingly being installed in Premium Large Format (PLF) venues worldwide. These are expensive systems, but exhibitors believe audiences will see the difference and pay more for the improved experience. At CinemaCon 2016, Barco released new information on the installations it is planning.

Santikos Entertainment, for example, says it is ramping up deployment of Barco laser projectors in all nine locations in South Texas. Phase 1 of the conversion begins next month, with the exhibitor converting 75 screens to Barco’s brand new laser phosphor projectors.

Santikos was one of the first exhibitors to embrace Barco’s flagship laser projector at its premium Palladium IMax Cinema in San Antonio, Texas. The exhibitor recently completed the deployment of Barco flagship laser projectors for all 16 screens at the new Santikos Casa Blanca Theatre, making it the first all laser projector-powered multiplex. With this latest move, Santikos is well on its way to becoming the industry’s first 100% Barco laser projection circuit.

Barco, Christie, NEC and others have been preaching the total cost of ownership benefits of laser projectors – RGB laser and laser phosphor, for some time – and it seems exhibitors are listening and believing. For example, here is what Art Seago, President of Santikos Entertainment had to say. “An early adopter of laser technology for cinema, we have long realized the benefits of Barco laser projectors. They offer an ideal combination of image quality and economic value, enabling us to simplify operations and eliminate maintenance costs associated with lamp-based projectors.”

As reported elsewhere, Barco is also now rolling out a line of laser phosphor cinema projectors as well.

Barco also announced the first deal to install an RGB laser projection system in cinemas in Peru. Cineplanet is acquiring the Barco Flagship laser projector for its new 13-screen multiplex at Mall del Sur located in Lima. The new Mall del Sur is the largest mall in Peru, viewed as a catalyst for economic growth as the area undergoes a significant redevelopment effort.

Cineplanet is among more than 40 exhibitors in 20+ countries that have selected the Barco DP4K-60L Flagship Laser projector for their PLF auditoriums. – CC