Arri Revises Cameras and Monitors With Partnerships

Arri is developing a camera with Imax, it announced at the show. The new camera will be based on the popular 6k Alexa 65 camera, which will be used to film the third instalment of Marvel’s Captain America franchise. Post-processing will then convert the film for an Imax release.

In the meantime, the companies will work together to add additional hardware and software to the Alexa 65, to create a camera specifically designed for the Imax format.

Another new camera was the Alexa SXT (for Super Xtended Technology). An update to the Alexa series, the new model provides in-camera recording of ProRes 4k for UltraHD TV requirements, and ProRes 4k for DCI-4k.

Arri Alexa Mini with StarliteHD5-Arri monitor. Credit: Parafoto

The SXT uses the same 3.4K ALEV III sensor as previous Alexa cameras, but also adds additional capabilities using new hardware developed for the Alex 65. For example, there are new colour management capabilities and three independent HD-SDI outputs

The first Alexa SXT cameras will be released in mid-2015, and will include the Alexa SXT EV, SXT plus and SXT Studio. They will be upgrades to the existing Alexa XT line – XT cameras shipped after 1st January will be eligible for a free upgrade.

Finally, Arri also worked with Transvideo, to adapt Transvideo’s StarliteHD 5″ OLED field monitor. The new StarliteHD5-ARRI will be able to control the Alexa Mini and Arri Amira cameras. It weighs 190g, and a touch interface is under development.

As well as Arri’s new cameras, the monitor retains its existing functionality and will be compatible with other cameras. It can display waveform, vectorscope and histogram readings, and features a built-in recorder for H.264. However, the Arri bus, for connection to Arri cameras, is new.