Dell’s Vostro Notebooks Enhance Productivity

Dell’s Vostro notebook line, for mobile and home workers, now has new 14″ and 15″ models with multiple features designed for productivity. The Vostro 14 3000 and 15 3000 are less than 25mm thick, with a textured cover protecting them from scratches.

Using Intel Core processors, up to Core i5, the notebooks will last for up to 9 hours (14 3000) or 8 hours and 40 minutes (15 3000) on battery. They feature an optical disc drive and built-in HD webcam, for video conferencing. Nvidia discrete graphics are available.

Both models run Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and feature anti-glare displays (1366 x 768, with 1920 x 1080 as an option on the 15″). They have 4GB of RAM, expandable to 8GB, and a 500GB HDD, with 1TB as an option.

Dell is selling the new Vostro models in the USA now, starting at $350 each.