Apple Rumoured to Start MicroLED Production

Digitimes has reported that Apple is planning some low volume production at its R&D plant in Taoyuan, Taiwan which we have previously reported is looking at making 6″ wafers. (Micro-LEDs on Wearables by 2018).

The blog has also said that PlayNitride (which has been rumoured to be a possible acquisition for Samsung (Will Samsung Buy PlayNitride?)) is likely to install a small production facility in the second half of this year. This would be used for development, with improvements in 2018 which would allow mass production and use in wearables by 2019.

Analyst Comment

There were a number of talks on MicroLED at SID, so watch for more in our special report. For a summary of the issues check out the Display Daily we ran in March (MicroLED Heads for Commercialisation) Apple bought Luxvue, Oculus bought InfiniLED (InfiniLED Bought by Oculus) and Foxconn has bought eLux (Sharp Buys eLux). (BR)

Aleida showed this graphic about microLED production at SID