Sharp Buys eLux

Foxconn will acquire US-based MicroLED company, eLux, for around $28 million through shareholdings by Sharp (31.82%), Cybernet (45.45%), Innolux (13.64%) and AOT (9.09%) – all of which are owned by Foxconn. The company was started in 2016 by staff from Sharp Labs in Camas, Washington and is focused on fluidic assembly techniques for microLEDs.

Analyst Comment

There are two challenges in microLED – making the chips themselves and then somehow putting them onto the substrate. Fluidic assembly is one of the potential methods. I remember hearing the concept first from a company called Alien Technologies and checking back, it turns out to have been at Display Week in 1999. At the time, we said ‘if they can do what they say they can, they will be important’. Unfortunately, the costs never seemed to add up for the display application and they pivoted to make RFID. (BR)