Acer Looks for Higher ASPs from Gaming

Sources in Taiwan have reported that Acer is looking to raise its monitor ASP this year, while keeping shipments stable, by increasing the share of its product mix of monitors for gamers. Victor Chien, the firm’s Display Business Manager is quoted as saying that Acer expects the smaller sized monitors to suffer because of relatively high panel prices, so the interesting market is for curved and larger monitors. He is reported as saying that the proportion of curved monitors for Acer is now 3%, up from 1%.

Chien is also quoted as saying that Acer wants to extend eye tracking to more monitors from the single model that it currently has. He also sees no threat to the traditional monitor market from VR and other headsets.

Analyst Comment

The comment about larger sizes matches our view of the market in Europe. The larger size monitor market has actually been a growth segment for several years although the volume of sizes at 21.5″ and below has been declining. (BR)