Apantac Shows 4×4 HDMI matrix Switch at Infocomm 2015

Apantac, the Oregon, USA-based manufacturer of pro AV components such as switches, matrices, receivers, splitters, converters, scalers and signal processing equipment, announced a 4×4 HDMI clean seamless matrix switch with HDBaseT connectivity.

The switch allows four HDMI devices in various resolutions to be independently switched to four HDMI displays with a fixed resolution up to 230 feet (70m) away using HDBaseT technology. With four input sources from different computers or media players having different resolutions, the switch manages all the up/down/cross conversion internally and provides fixed resolution to the connected displays.

For driving video walls with 4K resolution, the company is waiting for HDMI 2 as the connectivity standard.

Apantac also showed its Ultra DE 8 video wall controller for 2×2 video walls with 8 video inputs, allowing for images to be aligned and moved on the wall.

The company’s main market is in the broadcast and pro AV space. – NH