AOTO Aims at Monolithic Displays

AOTO is one of the better Chinese LED brands and it was showing a range of small pitch LEDs that were down to 1.2mm, 1.1mm and 0.75mm. While a number of the companies are looking at monolithic displays, AOTO is more targeted at this kind of application and is developing displays with 98″, 130″, 163″ and 195″ with 2k and 4k resolution. The aim is to make displays with a single backplane.

The company is also interested in the rental and staging markets. It says that the tiles can be joined with a “single click” and said that its displays are both TÜV/GS mark-approved, and approved by car makers for use at the big car shows. The S6 series is designed for use in floor applications, so that people can dance or walk on the tiles.

On the booth was a good-looking display with 8k resolution and the company is proud that it is able to support 24-bit colour, while others are stuck at 16-bit.

Analyst Comment

The firm told us that its LEDs are in London’s stations, so I plan to have a good look when I’m next at Waterloo!