ADB Getting More Nimble

ADB is always an interesting company. Being based in Switzerland, it has to be very flexible and over the years we have seen the company move in a number of different directions. We heard at the show that the previous chairman has returned to the company and has also taken over as acting CEO. The company has also recruited back other executives from its history. It is determined to be ‘more nimble’, but will continue to build its business around SSS (Software, systems and services).

The reality is that the environment for operators has become more and more complex and dealing with multiple suppliers has become a real challenge, so ADB wants to offer a complete service. I liked the comment from Frank Kessaratos, Global Head of Marketing, that the company wants to provide:

“One neck to choke, one hand to shake”.

ADB has a strong business in STBs and continues to design all its own STB and CPE products although, these days, manufacture is subcontracted to ensure that the platform remains competitive. Of course, the company has its Graphyne2 software to allow it to exploit the hardware and support the needs of service providers and having its own software has allowed ADB to develop solutions that meet the need for multiscreen and OTT support.

ADB Personal TV

The software can run on top of Android and this solution is becoming increasingly popular although the company can still supply new functions and services on its legacy base. Of course, the company is also looking at the IoT to help operators to monetise the opportunities.

Hotel and hospitality TV has been a good opportunity for the company and Kessaratos told us that it is very strong in the US. However, he prefers to define that business as being suitable for ‘common interest groups’ rather than being hospitality. In that definition, it would include use cases such as cruises and retirement homes. The plan in this segment is to try to develop the success outside the US to match the results there.