Calman Making Life Easier for Calibrators

Portrait Displays and its Calman group were at the show and we took the chance to get an update since PDL took over Spectracal, which created Calman software.

The big news, of course, was the deal that PDL did to get support for quicker calibration in Samsung’s QLED TVs. The aim is not to replace a professional calibrator, but to make their jobs easier and reduce the time needed for service calls that include calibration. Martin Fishman, co-CEO of PDL, told us that at Cedia, Calman was the only third party tool for calibration that was shown by Samsung on its booth.

The company is optimistic that more brands would join Samsung before too long.

As we heard at the press event held by Euronics at IFA (Euronics Now Truly in EMEA), retailers are trying hard to not only charge for services that they perform as standard, but are also looking for new services that can help them differentiate themselves from etailers. Fishman told us that a major retailer in Scandinavia, Power (previously Expert) is pre-calibrating Samsung’s QLEDs before sale to help differentiate themselves.

The development of UST laser projectors used as TVs is an interesting development because of the wide colour performance an PDL sees this segment as an opportunity.

Of course, PDL has a long history of close connections with monitor and PC vendors and the company continues to work on helping them improve the colour accuracy and rendering.

Finally, we had a look at a new portable pattern generator that the company has developed for installers. The device supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 and patterns are available with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support and with up to 12 bit support.

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