18% of TV Homes Use FTA DTH Satellite

Dataxis has said that 314 million TV households are getting TV signals via Free-to-Air (FTA) DTH satellite, representing 18% of all TV households globally and the company believes this will grow to 20%.

While FTA satellite is almost non-existent in North America, it is 21% of the market in Brazil. In other regions it can be higher. In Germany, 34% of households use FTA DTH followed by Ukraine with 26%, Ireland with 16% and Italy with 15%.

In the Middle-East (including Turkey), DTH satellite distribution is the most common way to receive TV and 65% of TV households receive TV via FTA DTH. In this region, there is a wide offer of free channels (more than 1000) which are distributed via FTA DTH. Consequently, there is no room for the development of DTT distribution.

According to Dataxis, FTA satellite distribution is important in Asia, with 64% of the TV households in Thailand, followed by Japan with 37%, China with 25% and India amounts to 12%. In China, there is a governmental program for isolated zones that explains the importance of FTA DTH in the region.

Penetration of FTA DTH – Data source:Dataxis, Image: Meko