Zytronics Enables Wroclaw Museum

Zytronic said that its PCap technology has been used by touch screen specialists Videofonika and has been installed in the recently opened Pan Tadeusz museum in Wroclaw, Poland, has been designed with numerous multimedia experiences to showcase Polish history and culture, including several small to large touch screens.

Jakub Boni, Sales and Marketing Director at Videofonika said, “The museum required interactive screens that would work through thick glass as the large sheets also formed parts of the construction of some of the walls. The glass sheets had already been prepared and designed in the museum, so we needed a flexible solution that could be provided in small quantities of varying sizes to precisely fill the gap in the glass, covering the active LCD area. Zytronic offered us the very high flexibility and exceptional touch performance we needed in this application.”

He continued, “Using specially designed Zyfilm flexible touch sensors from Zytronic, we created 44 touch screens, including two large 65” and 70” multi touch tables, as well as smaller sizes between 20”-46”. We were able to produce high quality touch screens that conformed to all the different sizes specified by the client and which performed accurately and reliably through thick toughened glass. Some of the glass we applied the touch sensors to were 12 mm thick with 4 additional layers of protection film (VSG glass) to meet the EU impact and safety standards for museums.”